Using a reed switch as an independant Sonoff Basic doorsensor

17 December 2017

Today I finally fount the time to upgrade my Sonoff Basic workbench light switch with a reed switch, I used this Sonoff module because its allready next to the backdoor, so I didn't have to use a dedicated Sonoff Basic just for the backdoor sensor.

This reed switch sends a message to MQTT to let my domotica system know that the backdoor has opened or closed without changing the state of the workbench light relay.

To set this up i soldered my reed switch to GPIO14 and I set GPIO14 to 'Switch2'
Then via serial i defined 'SwitchMode2 1' and 'SwitchTopic 1'

Unfortunately my backdoor camera broke down last month, if I have bought a replacement I will make it so the backdoor camera makes a picture whenever my backdoor is opened.